Guest Editor

Sierra Carmichael

Hello Everyone! I am so excited and honoured to be Guest Editor of this edition’s Women’s Health issue and share my journey with health.

Growing up, I was always active in sports; I played competitive soccer, which helped me build a strong foundation for consistency, growth, and passion for athletics, which I have carried with me throughout life. Health to me is all about balance, which is not just my Libra sign talking! Too often, we as females believe that we need to restrict more and exercise harder to make noticeable changes, which is not a sustainable lifestyle. When you restrict yourself from the things you love or push yourself to do something you hate, you will never have a healthy relationship with food and exercise!

I have such a sweet tooth, so I love finding ways to make lighter versions of my favourite desserts, which I always have on hand whenever I need a snack or a pick me up. On my Instagram page @fromthehearty, you will find tons of recipes for desserts of all shapes and sizes, experimenting with alternate flours, oils and natural sweeteners which help fuel and satisfy. Since I am such a firm believer in balance, my recipes reflect that as well. They are a balance between healthy and indulgent and always made with love.

You will notice a heart theme on my page as love is at the core of why I bake and cook. Whether it’s cooking a loved one dinner after a long day of work, baking some muffins just because, or surprising someone with their favourite snack coming home from the grocery store, food is a love language that everyone can understand. I hope to continue to share my love for food through this platform and that you will continue along with me on this journey!