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Our Compass

Divine Feminine

This divine energy exists in all of us, and we can tap into it for greater balance.

When you are in touch with your emotions, able to nurture, quick to intuit, and connected with others, from which kind of energy are you drawing? According to many spiritual leaders, it’s the Divine Feminine.

The Divine Feminine is thought to be part of nature, all genders, and major religions. It’s a force that balances out the Divine Masculine energy that translates into qualities like logic, protectiveness, and the desire to build. The problem with modern society is that the Divine Feminine has been devalued compared to the Divine Masculine. But you can change that in your own life.

When you engage in practices that harness your Divine Feminine, you create greater balance in your life and relationships. Here are a few that will get you started.

1. Connect with your intuition

Can you carve out a time to simply connect with your intuition, perhaps in the morning? Within you is a wealth of wisdom and the ability to see things clearly. Sometimes all it takes is to still yourself and pay attention to the sensations of your body. Soon, messages from your intuition will start to register.

2. Create sacred spaces

Are there objects that have exceptional value to you or make you feel connected to something greater than yourself? Choose a place in your home to create an altar using these objects. Light a candle and spend quiet time in this sacred space, perhaps praying or reciting affirmations.

3. Journal

Connect more deeply with your feelings by simply writing them down. Don’t follow a specific format for your journaling. You don’t need to record details about your day, for example. Instead, simply identify your feelings and express them on the page.