Quincy B

Hey, it’s me, Quincy B! Welcome to my dairy-free life.

My journey to becoming dairy-free has been long, but it has provided me with the opportunity to learn and listen to my body to lead a longer, healthier and more enjoyable life. After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and realizing dairy was a major inflammatory trigger, I had to say goodbye to dairy for good. Eating dairy would cause me pain, inflammation, discomfort, and low energy levels. This short excerpt might give you the impression that it was a simple life change, but it took years to cut dairy out of my diet completely.

After seeing the positive health results gained from ditching dairy, I will never go back. Making any changes to our diet can be challenging and overwhelming, especially when cutting an entire food group out of your diet.

Whether it is gluten, refined sugar or dairy, my most significant piece of advice when cutting out a food or food group from your diet is to start small —reading ingredient labels at the grocery store and asking questions about dish ingredients when at a restaurant is something to be mindful of while making this transition. While at home, making changes with some staple items in your fridge can be an easy and accessible place to start living your dairy-free life.

Cheese From soft to hard, there is an abundance of cheese alternatives for you to experiment with and try for all your cheesy needs.

Ice Cream There are so many ice cream alternatives on the market that it can be challenging to choose just one. My advice is to go ahead and try them all!

Milk Switch your regular milk with plant-based milk.

Butter When looking for a dairy-free butter replacement, ensure that it is organic or, at the least, non-GMO, as most butter alternatives are just a variety of oils.

Yogurt Whether you enjoy coconut, cashew, almond or oat, there is a yogurt alternative out there that you will enjoy.

You may need to experiment with brands to find what you like, but it can be a fun experience, especially when you find “the one.” I hope this has been a helpful list for you to take that first step in living your dairy-free life.

Thank you, Vista Magazine, for having me as the guest editor for this issue! It is an honour, and I look forward to working together in the future.